What are Dental Implants?

  • Dental Implants have three main parts: Dental Implant (Fixture or Screw), Abutment, and Crown
  • The main part of the Dental Implant is the Fixture which is a screw made of Titanium with a roughened surface to attract and attach to bone.
  • The Abutment is a post made of titanium which emerges from the dental implant and is used to make a Crown.
  • The final crown can be made of either Porcelain Fused to Metal or Zirconium (no metal).

The Dental Implant can be placed into a missing tooth site or placed immediately when a tooth is removed or Extracted. It then undergoes a process of Osseointegration where the jawbone heals and fuses to the Dental Implant surface. This process takes 3-4 months. If the implant was placed under the gum tissue, a second stage procedure is required to expose the head of the implant and allow access to the head of the implant for the dentist to make a crown. If the implant head was left exposed, then no second stage procedure is needed.

The Abutment is placed on the implant by being screwed into the internal aspect of the implant. The Abutment can be either prefabricated by the manufacturer or customized for the individual tooth. This allows a crown to be made and fit over the abutment to make a new tooth replacement for the missing tooth. 

Multiple missing teeth can be replaced with either multiple single implants or implant bridges. If all the teeth in an arch are missing, then 2 to 4 implants can be placed to make a denture that snaps onto the implants and allows for a much stronger denture to be made. The dentist may also place 6 to 8 implants for a fixed bridge to replace all the teeth in either the upper or lower arch.

Sometimes, when there are multiple missing teeth for extended periods of time, the bone in the jaw becomes thin and must be built up before implants can be placed. This process can be done by either a Ridge Augmentation or Sinus Lift. These procedures allow enough bone to placed for dental implant placement and are very predictable and successful. 

Dental Implants are designed to last a lifetime and are the ideal tooth replacement.  

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Dental Implants $1000
Includes Dental Implant Placement Only. See below for final crown prices. Fees do not apply to referred patients from Restorative Dentist.  

Dental Implant Fees
Dental Implant Placement $1000
Implant Restoration (Custom Titanium Abutment + Zirconia Crown) $1000
​All on 4 or All on 6 Prosthesis (Screw retained Denture) ​$6000
Extraction $150-$300
Bone Graft $500-$650
Sinus Graft $750-$2000 ​(depending on size)

Ridge Augmentation Bone Graft (Missing tooth site) ​$750

Platelet Rich Fibrin ​$150
CT Scan $150

* fees are presented to help you determine your treatment total. Consultation with the doctor is necessary to determine actual treatment plan and final fees

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